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Exchange Program Information
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2019 Beijing Forestry University

Exchange Program Information


Beijing Forestry University Student Exchange Program is open to students from all partner institutions over the world, which allows students to learn from another perspective and take courses that may not be available at their home universities. Exchange students will enjoy tuition waive and pay the same or comparable tuition back to their home universities.The information of our programs are attached.


1.Application Deadlines

Application deadline for Spring Semester: December 31st

Application deadline for Autumn Semester: June 30th


2.Compulsory Application Documents

Step1: Register and finish the application system,;

Please choose: Inter-school exchage student

Upload the following materials to the system.

1)Study provement issued by the home university

2)Official Transcript issued by home university

3)Study Plan (800 words in Chinese or 1000 words in English)

4)Photocopy of Language Proficiency Certification

For Chinese -Taught Programs: New HSK4 or above

For English -Taught Programs: IELTS with no less than 6.0 scores, TOFEL with no less than 79 scores, etc.

5)Physical Examination Form

6)Passport Information Page


Step 2: Check your application statu regularly. Submit RMB400 application fee online when you pass the first review,.


3.Accommodation Information

There are housing facilities for international students at BFU. We provide the international students with TV, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner, wardrobe, desk, and the network facilities in the room and shared bathroom .

Cooking is not allowed in the room.

The electric and water bill will be covered by exchange students’ own budgets.

Students are also allowed to live off campus, in which case they must register in the local police station.



Application: RMB400

Textbooks: charged according to the courses

Accommodations: Double Room: 60 CNY / day / bed; 

Single Room:120 CNY/day/bed

Insurance:  400CNY / half-year; 800CNY / year


5.Contact Information


International Student Office, BOX 226, 100083

Beijing Forestry University

No.35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Tel: 86-10-62338271

Fax: 86-10-62310316

Contacts: Ms.Diao Yarong, Ms.Cheng Sijia, Mr. Zhang Duo

E-mail: ;

Web Site:



































Programs in English

Apart from those Chinese courses, BFU also offers some programs delivered in English. All the courses are open to exchange students and the credits are transferable for acceptance by their home universities. According to the teaching plan, not all of the courses are conducted every semester.

In addition, we would also arrange supervisors for exchange students, especially master and doctor students who would like conduct researches in English during their exchange periods.


Programs in Chinese

Most Bachelor programs, Master programs and PhD programs at BFU are delivered in Chinese, which are available to incoming exchange students provided they have a sufficient command of Chinese to take relevant courses.


Chinese Language Program

The specific course list of Chinese language programs is as follow:

Chinese Listening and SpeakingChinese WritingChinese ComprehensiveHSK TrainingChina’s National ConditionScientific ChineseAdvance Chinese.

All these courses listed above are open to exchange students and the credits are also transferable for acceptance by their home universities. Those completing these required courses will receive certificates of Chinese Language Training issued by BFU. 


2018 Catalog of recruit students major (Bacholar)-2019暂时续用.docx
2019catalog of recruit students major (master and PhD).doc
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