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Visiting Student Program(2018)
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Visiting Student Program(2018)


Program Introduction

Study period for visiting students varies from 1 semester to 2 years. Students who have completed the study plan will be awarded a completion certificate instead of awarding a degree. Visiting students consists of Ordinary Visiting Student, Advanced Visiting Student and Art Visiting Student. All Beijing Forestry University courses are open to visiting students.



Application Eligibility

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with the ability to communicate in English or Chinese, be in good health, have received high school Graduation Certificate and hold a valid passport. Those who are Chinese citizens previously and are immigrants later should implement Document No. 83 in 2009 issued by Ministry of Education.



When to Apply

February 1st, 2018 to May 30th, 2018



Application Procedure


Step 1: Register and finish the application system,; submit RMB410 application fee online; print the electronic form and sign on it.


Step 2: Prepare the following materialstwo copies needed

1. Photocopy of high school Graduation Certificate (Prospective graduates who have not been awarded graduation certificates shall provide an official letter confirming the expected graduation.)

2. Photocopy of high school transcript

3. Study Plan (500 words in Chinese or 800 words in English)

4. Photocopy of  Passport Information Page

5. Photocopy of  Physical Examination Form




Step 3: Pack all the application materials mentioned in Step1 and Step2, mail to International Student Office before May 30th, 2018.


International Student Office, Beijing Forestry University Mailbox 226

No. 35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District, 100083, Beijing, China

Tel: 0086-10-62338271

Note: Application materials will not be returned regardless of whether being enrolled or not.



Programsin the attachment




It takes approximately 14 working days for International Student Office to review the application package, the result of which will be updated online. The admission package including Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Studying in China (JW202/JW201) will be mailed to admitted students before June 30th.


Registration Date

Registration date will be specified in Admission Notice


Registration Checklist

1.  Passport

2.  Admission Notice

3.  Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202/ JW201)

4.  Physical Examination Form

5.  6 Passport photos (with WHITE background)

6. The Original Copy of Applicant’s high school Graduation Certificate and Transcript


If the originals disaccord with the previously submitted application materials, registration will be abolished.



Ordinary Visiting Student (Bachelor): RMB 9, 900 / semester

Advanced Visiting Student (Master/Doctor): RMB 12, 400/semester

Art Visiting Student: RMB 12, 400/semester



Double room: RMB 60 /day/bed

Water and electricity have to be covered by residents.


Medical Insurance

RMB 400/ six months. In accordance with relevant regulations of Ministry of Education of China, international students are required to purchase medical insurance during their study period in China. It is provided and supported by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China. Student can acquire its detailed information on the registration day and purchase it on spot. Those who refuse to purchase medical insurance; the International Student Office has the right to terminate the registration.


Contact Information

Address: International Student Office, Beijing Forestry University Mailbox 226

No. 35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District, 100083, Beijing, China

Tel : 0086-10-62338271         Fax: 0086-10-62310316

Contacts: Ms. Diao Yarong, Ms. Cheng Sijia, Mr. Zhang Duo 




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